164 - Stuck in my mind

[ce provo...domani me lo faccio correggere]

I have a thought stuck in my mind.
Actually, just 3 words... "and you, instead?"

I'm so happy to go back to Italy, to see our families and our friends, to eat real Italian food, to walk in the streets of Rome, to feel cold, to stay near the fireplace, and to finally meet our little "red-haired" nephew!

But I'm worried... because I know that at the baptism someone will ask us "and you, instead?".
I know it...
What I should do is answer in a smiling face: "We are SO happy this way!"...
But what I would like to do is burst into tears, answer "I could have a baby 18 months old!", clean my nose in the sleeve of my sweat-shirt and run away :-)
(Could you imagine that? ahahah)

What probably I will do is answer "ehh.... uhh...I ... ehm.. us...oh... I mean... I ... ufff!"

I'm worried... I'm really worried...

[correzioni sono ben venute!]

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Crazy time ha detto...

I have always (thought and) said I would never ever had babies in my life, I have never seen any particular joy in motherhood. (Well, I should probably change this into "I never saw"). For this, everybody is not expecting me to have babies and nobody usually asks me "and you, instead?".
Nevertheless, everybody does look at me with that look, the kind of I'm-sorry-for-you look. They are sorry for my lack of maternal instinct and hope I'll change my mind, I guess (They ignore what happened....). In other words, For a reason or the other they always try to make you feel bad.

A good answer could be:

-and you instead?

(sorry for the bad word!)

Marica ha detto...


erix ha detto...

quoto crazy per la risposta!

ma che diamine? un pacchetto di cazzi propri, no?

forse potresti (una volta, per sfogarti un pò) anche rispondergli:
"e tu, INSTEAD, come ti sentiresti se ci stessi provando da 1anno e mezzo senza risultati? EH?"

insomma, tanto per fargli capire che non servono persone come loro che continuino a mettere il dito... l'intera mano... la gamba nella piaga!


Nikla ha detto...

Potresti far finta di non parlare più italiano e rispondere in inglese con nochalance, e andare via congendandoti con un "ah beata ignoranza!" :)

Marica ha detto...